From the recording "LIVE" at the Railyard

LIVE Recording May 7, 2016 - at the Railyard in Mission BC
Violin: Rick Barker.
Guitar and Vocal: Bryan O'Ruanaidh,
Guitar, Harmony vocals: Larry Vollans
Lead Guitar: Steve Grosvenor
Bass: Greg Carver
Drums: Chris Carver


If You Were Mine - Bryan O'Ruanaidh © 1979 SOCAN

A+b 0-0-13-12-0-0 0-13-12-0-0-0 Em finger picked at 12th fret
I’ve tried to bear up bravely – to laugh at pain and fear
A+b Em(12th)
And even when you broke my heart – I wouldn’t shed a tear
A+b Em(12th)
You said that what we needed - was some space to each be free
C Em 0-2-2-0-0-0
But you promised you’d still love me - that your heart would stay with me

A+b Em(12th)
But I knew somehow, when I came home - things had gone all wrong
A+b Em(12th)
Our love meant less and less to you – and I soon would be alone
A+b Em(12th)
I’d rather have NO LOVE you said - than depend on someone else
C Em
And I shouldn’t fear my freedom – but words don’t seem to help


A+b Em(12th)
I can take no more convincing - and I hope that you believe
A+b Em(12th)
I’ve let you look inside my heart my - pain you’ve seen for free
A+b Em(12th)
I’ve tried & cried & tried some more - gave all that I could find
C Em
And I’d give you faith and strength as well - if only you were mine
A+b Em(12th)
If you were mine….If you were mine…. If you were mine….