From the recording "LIVE" at the Railyard

from "LIVE" at the Railyard
Recorded May 7, 2016 - at the Railyard in Mission BC
Violin: Rick Barker.
Guitar and Vocal: Bryan O'Ruanaidh,
Guitar, Harmony vocals: Larry Vollans
Lead Guitar: Steve Grosvenor
Bass: Greg Carver
Drums: Chris Carver

Erik Johnson - Zen Western Music Publishing ©


Crow’s Nest Pass - Erik Johnson - Zen Western Music Publishing (SOCAN)

Remember a time when the world was born

Mountains ringed the valley like a crown of thorns

After millions of years they’re a little bit worn but

You can still see the granite where her cloak was torn

H Shiva – Lord of the Mountain Mountain – breast of the Goddess
R Goddess – Mother of the Planet Take me – to my home

There’s a great Bald Eagle & he’s high up in the trees

You can hear him callin’ on the evenin’ breeze

Me and my lady were lyin’ on the ground

Hear us singin’ when the sun goes down.

)))) CHORUS (((( ****LEAD BREAK****

You can run like an antelope soar like a hawk

Take your lady on a moonlit walk

Up – take her up – on the mountain side.

Put your feet in the forest Put your head in the sky
)))) CHORUS ((((